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27-Dec-2017 14:15

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Cupido, the womens' magazine conducting the survey, indicated that in photographs of nude men, the women almost unanimously want to see the male sexually aroused and fully erect.

However, they go further saying "The man in the picture is more than allowed to fondle his own body or masturbate", and as one woman respondent puts it, "I very much like watching a man fondle himself, a man who has allowed himself to enter the sexual room completely." The article can be read in its entirety here (scroll down to the part that begins "Meanwhile, back in Norway..."): Girls often say that their boyfriends are too shy, or embarrassed to let them be watched masturbating.

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Part of the reason many men express their embarrassment of exposing such an intimate self-erotic act is that our society has only recently crawled out of the dark ages when masturbation was considered evil, deviant behavior and indicative of a maladjusted boy or man.

Although many men do enjoy women watching them stroke themselves, the majority of men rarely discuss such self-erotic acts with each other, let alone openly share it with a female to view.

They will show you how they shave their legs, put on lotion, or what their daily yoga routine looks like. The brunette gets very excited kissing her friend and groping her tits and ass and since nobody seems to be around, she pulls her panties down her thighs and the girls flash their juicy bubble butts and dripping wet pussies!The drivers that are passing by can’t believe what they are seeing, these naughty naked girls are going to provoke a traffic jam!It is important for all heterosexual women to be able to watch a man masturbate, frequently and closely.

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As the following discussion on male masturbation technique notes "Few women are given the opportunity to see a male masturbating but a woman can learn a lot about giving her partner pleasure by watching how he pleases himself.": In this corner of the site we pull back mens' sacred sheets of concealment to allow our female readers to view this self-erotic act so many men enjoy yet hide.

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