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When you talk to someone, they are not using a grammar check, looking up good responses or getting help from their best friend (we hope! You can get more of an organic response to further questions you may have in a one-on-one call. If it went well and you want to see the other person again, then you may want to move the candidate further along your candidate pipeline. Make sure to leave a message and a follow-up email expressing true interest.

The conversation was great, you had the same goals and interests; it was perfect! You wait the standard 48 hours before you connect again but they didn’t answer. It is not a good indicator of whether or not you will click in real life. It is important to let the candidate know that you are not interested so you can avoid that creepy stalking factor.

You wouldn’t just see if they match your keywords selecting them as a potential mate.

Spend at least 15 minutes on the phone with potential candidates, listening more than you talk. Before you send a candidate to someone on your hiring team, meet them or at least do a video chat.

AUTOCESTA A3 BREGANA-LIPOVAC -na zagrebačkoj obilaznici prema naplati Lučko iz smjera Buzina oko 3 km; -pred graničnim prijelazom Bajakovo kolona je na izlasku iz Hrvatske oko 2,5 km.

ISTARSKI IPSILON -prema graničnim prijelazima Kaštel i Plovanija kolona je oko 3 km, a dijelom se proteže na Istarski ipsilon.

Vrlo je gust promet u smjeru mora na autocesti A1 Zagreb-Split-Ploče, između čvorova Lučko i Bosiljevo vozi se u kolonama uz zastoje.

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You reached out via Linked In or Angel List and the next thing you know, you are chatting almost every day! Before you talk about the job, drill down to find out what your candidate wants. Ask for their feedback, questions and concerns as well.

Nove tehnologije promijenile su svaki segment našeg života, pa tako i upoznavanje.

Internet je sve učinio dostupnijim, a u praksi to znači da će vam se netko prije javiti na društvenoj mreži nego uživo.

Do 15 min bez naknade, do 1sat - 10 kn, 1-2 sata - 20 kn, 2-4 sata - 25 kn, 4-12 sati - 30 kn, 12-24 sata - 50 kn, svaki slijedeći sat 2 kn, izgubljena kartica 400kn.- Na parkiralištu ispred zgrade B (PERON A) ................15,00kn/1h .....2h - 30,00kn (Zadržavanje najviše do 2 sata, 5 minuta- bez naknade)Autobus "Atlasa" nakon svakog redovnog leta, cijena 40 kn, javni autobusni prijevoznik "Libertas", te taxi prijevoz.

Redoviti polasci prijevoznika Autotrans/Dalmacija bus, cijena 40,00 kn 5% popusta na online kupnju.

Things are going awesome; they were as good in person as they were in profile and on the video call. Ever notice how recruiting and interviewing is like dating? On most dating sites, people put their picture, their interests, what they are looking for in a mate and enough of a personal description to garner attention. Share enough good information to not scare them away but enough to trigger their interest. Make it realistic and describe the truly important parts of the job. You can get great info via email but you are only reading what was selected for you to read. Nail down what you liked or did not like about your first date. Remember that people may not always be their natural selves during first dates, so you may want to give someone that you’re not quite sure about a second chance. Signs of a good first interview/ date are: If you determine that the candidate is not going to be a fit, there is no need to ask for a second date.