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One of the people Colin Kaepernick talked to before (and after) his decision to sit through the national anthem was noted sociologist and activist Dr. Edwards, who has served as a consultant to the 49ers for more than 30 years, said in the that he wholeheartedly supported Kaepernick’s decision to become a national lightning rod.

“Colin Kaepernick absolutely has a constitutional right to express his opinion on the politics of diversity in America,” Edwards wrote.

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Located in the Sandhills of southeastern North Carolina, the Buckeyes (3-5) open play vs. A link to video streams and live stats links can be found by going to the schedule page of Ohio State Baseball on Ohio State

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This is a highly charged situation that you can't alter -- change must come from your partner. Your partner may not realize that their codependency is hurting his relationship with you.“He is courageous, well-informed and steadfast in his position.He is evolving through an awakening and (perhaps) really understanding for the first time (given his background) the true depth and scope of the history of anti-black racial hatred and injustice in America.“And because it appears to have come to him through self-education as a jarring awareness and stark reality, his response seems more akin to that of a man suddenly becoming aware his house is on fire than the result of a deliberately crafted articulation of a considered political position.” Edwards has served as a mentor to Kaepernick for some time, and Kaepernick said Sunday that he had discussed issues of race with Edwards many times over the years.

But the professor emeritus of sociology at the University of California, Berkeley saved his harshest criticisms for players such as Victor Cruz and Alex Boone, who have taken Kaepernick to task for his method.Consider whether your partner's codependency is a deal-breaker, suggests Meyers.