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Composed of 2 Teams of 3 Members (2 In-Studio team members and 1 Star Team Captain) are writing answers to an question {e.g.: Name a part of a ...See full summary » The classic game show with a twist; the answers are revealed, but it's up to the contestants to supply the questions.This time, the bachelor is looking for a fellow bachelor.LGBT cable network Logo is getting into the reality dating game with a new series, "Finding Prince Charming," with a cast completely made up of gay men.has became bigger than ever this summer when it returned for a third season.The show, presented by Caroline Flack, throws a bunch of good looking singletons together in a huge Spanish mansion for six weeks in the hope that they’ll find love.At least it foregrounded a gay man trying to find love, instead of using gay men as humorous accessories—or potential roadblocks in the path of straight contestants. The original version of the long-running game show, hosted by veteran host Bob Eubanks.

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In 1986, producers decided that the "Family Feud...

In other words, it’s like any other dating show, but with gay contestants instead of straight ones.

But it -style template, with 13 suitors living together in one house; they’ll be eliminated one by one until the finale, in which the eligible bachelor picks his prince charming.

While none of the major network reality shows have dabbled in LGBT casting, Funny or Die did produce a spoof of the idea in 2013 that suggested a gay "Bachelor" could have unforeseen problems.

"Finding Prince Charming" host Bass also makes a cameo as himself in that video.They were then sent on a cheap romantic getaway, all within the space of a single half-hour episode.

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