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That really isn’t that extreme a reaction to that chart, slipped into Peter King’s weekly column at The MMQB on Monday, but tweeted out on its own.No time will be wasted deciphering it, putting it into context or even mocking it that much.From 2006-08, Owens dropped balls at more than twice the rate of the 8 most productive pass-catchers in the NFL.https://t.co/Ak EAO3vvo P pic.twitter.com/Tq Dp HSO85g — The MMQB (@the MMQB) February 20, 2017 And it pushed the no-T. Ken Stabler, Cris Carter, Michael Irvin, Art Monk, Jerry Kramer — everybody knows the names on the historic wait list, but who has ever been explicit about saying, "You wanna know why?

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" - VH1 "Two lucky ladies take a gamble with Chad's heart in the entertainment capital of the world... Chad must make a decision between two very different women, but at the end of an emotional deliberation, two girls are out...

In the first episode of the show, he eliminated 69 girls. Fellow NFL Wide Receivers, and Ochocinco's close friends, Bernard "B-Twice" Berrian and Terrell Owens appeared on some episodes offering tips and helping Ochocinco select the girls.